Yeast for household use

Zeus Yeast Cube 25 gr (500 gr pack)

The star of every dough

Main Characteristics

Every product characteristic is referable to the origin. The product is subject to a natural weight loss.

The product is suitable for biological productions. The product does NOT contain preservatives.

The product does NOT contain Genetically Modified Organisms. The product is gluten free and it is suitable for the production of gluten free products. The product does NOT contain allergens according to the Directive 2003/89 CE, III bis.

The product follows all requirements provided for by law: the product is monitored by the auto control system HACCP, according with Regulation CE 852/2004, and it satisfy the traceability feature as requested by the Regulation CE n°178/2002.

The product is not concerned by the D.Lgs n°81 of 09/04/2008 and updates.

Product Definition

Compressed fresh yeast with high fermentative power, suitable for household use. It is a natural product containing exclusively pure Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells reproduced in big amount.

Physical and Chemical Features

Humidity 6,8 % (on dry matter)
Phosphorus > 2,0 %
(on dry matter – expressed as P205)
Ashes < 2,5 % (by weight)
Acidity < 5,0 % (by weight – expressed in ml of NaOH N/100 g)
Gluten absent


25g cakes wrapped in food papaer and cellophnae. 500 g pack in 10 Kg carton


To keep at a temperature of 0-10 °C.

Organoleptic Features

Yeast is made by an homogenous mass with a crumbly and pasty consistency and a pale ivory color.The taste and the smell are light and typical.

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