We produce Zeus yeast
with respect for the environment

We made a commitment a long time ago – to preserve the environment and support natural habitats.
For this reason, we embraced cutting edge technology to develop new methods for managing water, energy, and waste resulting from the production of yeast.

Respect for the environment

The energy used to guide the fermentation
is carefully managed.

Yeast industries are one of the biggest consumers of molasses.

Molasses is a co-product of the sugar industry that was once less appreciated.
Today it is the preferred raw material in our industry
(it comes from processing sugar beets and sugar cane).
This product contains a high percentage of sugar substances,
which the yeast uses to reproduce. The rest is made up of natural substances
that are partially used by the yeast. They are separated and concentrated to create
a protein concentrate, liquid vinasse, which is used as a fertilizer or feed.

Production of yeast and respect for the nature


The fermentation media may be transformed into natural fertilizer, used in agriculture.


The circular economy responds to a wish for sustainable growth that is becoming increasingly common. This is an economy designed to be able to regenerate itself, thus also guaranteeing its eco-sustainability.

sustainable growth

In Zeus we believe that we cannot continue to waste our planet’s resources.

In nature, the concept of waste does not exist. Everything is sustenance for something: a leaf that falls is food for the forest.
We want to not only limit the damage, we also want to do some good, giving precious nutrients back to the soil. In this way, we feel like we are part of something bigger. For this reason, we are actively and continuously committed to promoting improvements in sustainability.

Quality is always number one


We consider quality control and product consistency of our Zeus yeast to be fundamental.
The quality of the yeast is expressed in these 5 terms.



a good yeast must produce adequate quantities of carbon dioxide in the times required for each type of dough.


a good yeast must be preserved perfectly until its expiration date, if maintained at a temperature of 0-10°C.



a good yeast must maintain its characteristics unchanged over time.



a good yeast must be white and crumbly.



a good yeast must be produced from pure cultures in tightly controlled hygiene and cleanliness conditions to prevent contamination from foreign organisms.

The work of our experts is supported by our partnership with Food Micro Team S.r.l. (FMT), an Academic Spin-Off of the University of Florence, created to provide technical and scientific support to food companies, especially those that produce fermented foods and beverages.

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