Yeast for breadmaking

Zeus Instant Yeast

Quick and indispensable

Main Characteristics

Every product characteristic is referable to the origin.
The product does NOT contain preservatives.
The product does NOT contain Genetically Modified Organisms.
The product is gluten free and it is suitable for the production of gluten free products.
The product does NOT contain allergens according to the Directive 2003/89 CE, III bis.

The product follows all requirements provided for by law: the product is monitored by the auto control system HACCP, according with Regulation CE 852/2004, and it satisfies the traceability feature as requested by the Regulation CE n°178/2002.

The product is not concerned by the D.Lgs n°81 of 09/04/20

Product Definition

Instant dry baker’s yeast with high fermentative power, suitable for craft and industrial bakers. It is a natural product containing exclusively pure Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells reproduced in big amount.

Physical and Chemical Features

Dry matter > 95 %
Nitrogen > 7,5 % (on dry matter)
Phosphorus > 2,4 %
(on dry matter – expressed as P205)
Ashes < 8% (by weight)
Gluten absent


The shelf life of the product is 2 years, stored in a cool and dry place (<20 °C).

Organoleptic Features

Yeast consist of a thin dust, pale ivory colour.


The product can be used directly in the dought without rehydratation, as its activity is instantaneous. A dose of instant dry baker’s yeast has the same fermentative power of 2,5/3 doses of compressed fresh yeast.
Carton 10 kg.

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